Barry Whitehead

Follower of Aemon


Barry is ordinary in almost every way a twelve year old boy growing up on a farm can be. Like many of the other children of the village his family scrapes by from season to season, he is uneducated like so many of the other children he knows. His mother has taught him the basics of reading and writing to the best of her limited ability and knowledge. Barry from daybreak to late into the evening in the fields with his dad and two older brothers, from time to time he is ‘loaned’ to the neighboring farms to help with their harvest, his family receiving the coin for his work. He is often seen around the Inn of the Welcome Wench doing odd jobs for merchants or the occasional adventurer or noble person. He is not mistreated by his family at all, their home is filled with love and caring, he often dreams of seeing the world and doing great deeds but has resigned himself to marrying a local girl, buying a farm or inheriting the family one when his mom and dad become to old to work it.

His family has always been followers of the old faith but Barry has always felt a pull towards something or someone else, he just hasn’t found what that is yet.

Until the arrival of Aemon and his fellow adventures Barry was plagued by dreams of a cloaked figure with burning red eyes stalking him and his family. The figure is often accompanied by a demon and they seem to be searching for something Barry is guarding. These nightmares have lessened since he has taken up with following Aemon, the teachings of Sol seem to guide him and protect him. He has become proficient with a longsword and the code Aemon follows. He sends all the coin he acquires to support his family less his meager expenses’ (repair of equipment, food, supplies and if needed shelter) and his tithing to Sol.

After spending some time with Aemon in the Temple of Elemental Evil he has now begun helping the Village of Hommlet with preparing for a possible of attack from the north by the forces of Iuz.


Barry Whitehead

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