Yurin Sunstreak

Cleric of Pelor


Standing at 6 foot 2 inches, broad of shoulder and think with corded muscle, Yurin Sunstreak should be a very physically intimidating figure. This is not the case, for his formidable physicality is softened by a long, full snow white beard, deep smile lines and fluffy eyebrows evoking images of lazy clouds. Similarly, Yurin’s deep and gravely voice may initially cause some to shudder but it is an inevitability that these same people will find their spirits lifted by the man’s inspirational words and eager laugh.


During his youth, Yurin became widely known and an admired agent of justice. Wielding his magical mace Foesmiter, Yurin launched a seemingly never-ending campaign against evil. For year’s Yurin and Foesmiter travelled the length of Flanaess relentlessly attacking evil in all of its forms. Sadly, Yurin’s adventuring days came to an abrupt end after his involvement in the gruesome battle of Emridy’s meadows. Yurin refuses to speak much on the events of this battle but one element that is clear is that at some point, Yurin and several others were saved by a Paladin of Sol named Rao Darksbane who valiantly sacrificed himself in a hopeless attack against a demon. Following the events of the battle, Yurin took it upon himself to personally deliver Rao’s effects to his wife and young son. While there, Yurin was captivated by Rao’s son. Young Aemon, who at the tender age of 8 carried himself and spoke in a manner indicating that he had already begun walking the same path as his heroic father. Pledging to repay Rao’s sacrifice Yurin offered to foster and mentor the youngster.

With young Aemon in tow Yurin returned to his homeland and now spends the vast majority of his time inside his stronghold, Sunrise. Although he is no longer willing to don his armor or take up Foesmiter, the veteran has not slowed or become any less active. Indeed in a time since his last climatic battle against the monstrous horde at the Temple, Yurin has built a powerful legacy among the masses as a bringer of comfort and support. At the same time he has fulfilled his vow and has continued young Aemon’s instructions into the mysteries of Pelor.

Aemon’s education has proven more complicated than the cleric originally anticipated. Aemon is completely dedicated to his father’s ancient branch of Pelorian worship. Although both venerate the same deity, Aemon’s religion is ancient and in many ways more primal. The boy names their god, Sol and sees the sun as the physical manifestation of their worship. Their tenets match as a whole, but the worship of Sol is at once both more and less complicated than Yurin’s own faith. From his discussions with the boy, Sol seems utterly indifferent to humanely politics and proselytization. For as the Sun and embodiment of all that is good, what concern of his is it whether his faithful build the largest church or collect the most gold? Moreover, why would he demand his faithful to actively convert others? He simply is and always will be, all one must do to see him is look to the sky; all one must do to feel him is step outside. Aemon explained the history of his order and his calling, and it is a colling Yurin can appreciate, Aemon and his fellow crusaders are Sol’s instruments on Oerth. They are to be the light of Sol’s rays, bring hope and comfort to the weak and illumination and destruction to the darkness. As such, Aemon’s faith demands the active pursuit of spiritual, mental, physical and martial perfection. Although Yurin prides himself on his own activities, he is dumbstruck by the lad’s daily routines. the boy is up before dawn. After spending an hour in quiet meditation, Aemon greets the dawn in prayer. From that point on, Aemon is either caring for his horse, the sick, studying or engaging in strenuous physical training. At times, yurin worries that the boy is neglecting the joys and reckless antics that should be his entitlements as a young man.

About three weeks before Aemon left to find and fight evil Yorin was visited by several heavily armored knights who named themselves as members of Rao Darlsbane’s knightly order. they explained that they had been notified by Sol that another would soon be joining their ranks. They were instructed to journey to Sunrise and speak with Yurin. Following their conversation, Yurin had the honor of sponsoring young Aemon’s ascension in he Order of Sol.

Days before Aemon’s departure Yurin had been hearing some disturbing rumors regarding the temple that he had fought alongside Aemon’s father in. He would like to ignore the whispers as he fears that the newly christened Aemon is too young….perhaps the rumors will evaporate. He knows this is too much to hope for but he hope nonetheless…..in the meantime he would seek Pelor’s wisdom.

Yurin Sunstreak

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