The Inn of the Welcome Wench


The cost of food and drink at the Welcome Wench is higher than usual. It is the only inn for many miles, the place is renowned and its food better than average, and the area is prosperous. Choice venison, mutton, poached salmon, trout stuffed with specially prepared mixtures, goose roasted to a golden brown, pork, steaming sausages, steak and kidney pie with mushrooms or truffles, squab stuffed pheasant, and boiled crayfish in drawn butter are just a few of the epicurian delights which are expected and served here. The locally brewed ale and beer is supplemented by brews from other sites, and wine, mead and brandy from all over the Flanaess make their way to the boards of the Welcome Wench. Meals are served on pottery, pewter, or copper services, according to the order. Various leather jacks, pottery mugs, wooden tankards, pewter steins, glass flagons, crystal goblets, or silver chalices are used for potables.



The Inn of the Welcome Wench

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